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fall release: Life is short. Get to work.

24 SEPTEMBER 2019 - Fall is a time to wear orange so why not start with a little splash of it with the first official product from The Rushouse. The EARTHGRIND is a durable, resilient design, always there to remind you that life is short, and you’ve got some shit to get done, but don’t take it too seriously.

This little orange logo has existed for many years and has always stood for the same thing: If you want to do something, go do it. No stress, no anxiety, just putting to use what little time you’ve got to do whatever you want with it. Let this little signet represent your cheerful pessimism or your dower optimism in a world of polite nihilism.

Yes, the world is going to end, and no, there is nothing you can do about that. Considering you’ll probably be long dead by then, why not live in the moment? Live in the now. Buy a pin. You know you want to.

“too many furniture”

8 SEPTEMBER 2019 - We kick things off with a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, but then it’s on with the killing. Dara uncovers the Murder of the Beautiful Typist in old downtown and Kenny concludes the tale of the late Detective Powers.

For more on the Beautiful Typist and other stories, visit Doc Schock’s website

You’re Killing Me, Grand Rapids is a murder and mystery podcast born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, hosted by sober cynics Dara and Kenny.

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