Do Everything. Summer 2019 Edition

Kickin’ out the jams (and a few random design things) under another got-damned beautiful (if not a little environmentally concerning) summer in the American Midwest. This isn’t much, but it’s about all I got right now until packages start arriving and event dates start sneaking up like they always do. The first thing down there was a candid shot with 1/2 of my favorite tiny humans at a tiny human bike thing somewhere in the woods called “Dirt Dawgs.” Long story short, I couldn’t help but take 5 minutes to turn into this summer’s biggest coming-of-age blockbuster. The next three are for good-ole-now-40-years-old AB doing his AB things all around town. The Menu at The Sovengard is my personal favorite among them. Color and design, sure, but also Kat worked there for a while and the folks that run that place are some of the best around. Five, six and seven are, of course, the most recent episodes of You’re Killing Me, Grand Rapids, a podcast I love, and also produce and cohost with my awesome friend Dara. Coming up with header cards for each episode has become one of my favorite things. I’m actually, accidentally, a few episodes ahead in terms of design since I just get lost looking through my photo archives for the perfect shots of Grand Rapids dark side. And finally, the Orange Popsicle of Summer Bliss. There is no truer sign of a summer well spent than sticky fingers and guilt free relaxation at the end of a long day doing everything.