Always under construction.

Please pardon the probably-pretentious pseudo "professional" ramble that's about to come out. I've never been able to say accurately when asked what The Rushouse is, mostly because it changes based on whatever whim I'm feeling at the time. Full disclosure, the honest answer still eludes me. It's kind of like a hobby that every once in a while I take super seriously. It was something I did a long time ago, but that was something else entirely.

In April of 2015, I "announced" to no one in particular the return of the house, and as I head into the last two years of my five-year "plan," I'm armed with more knowledge and experience than I would've thought possible back then. My driving force was the belief that simply by doing SOMETHING with all my heart would lead to and open up possibilities I could have otherwise missed out on.

I couldn't have been more right. I now have a collection of recorded conversations with some of my best friends. I played a part in opening an art gallery that became the mother of all passion projects. Rarely has there been a time in the last year that a poster of mine hasn't adorned the Pyramid Scheme windows, and I got to lead design and marketing for a neighborhood street fair and festival in one of my favorite parts of town. I'm not even counting all of the things in between.

I'm planning some big things for my little house this summer, so I'm sorry in advance because I probably won't shut up about it. 

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