"The Rushouse was founded in 2008, re-built in 2015, and has been a home to many."

As one of many homes to art and creativity in the eclectic community that is Grand Rapids, Michigan, my house specializes in graphic design, marketing & social media, and podcast production. Years and years ago, when the House wasn't so much a house as it was a collection of porches and living rooms spread across different neighborhoods, a small group of writers and artists joined forces to write, draw, design, and print comic books, magazines, and other arts & literature endeavors. In 2015, The Rushouse was rebuilt on that same foundation of love for in-house production, local pride, and homemade work worthy of putting up on the wall, down on the page, and out into the world.


"Marketing & Design from the American Midwest."

Have you ever seen 'The Prestige?' Say what you want about that flick, and I could say a lot (all good things because I think its awesome), but the part that sticks with me the most, when I describe what I do, is that bit where Robert Angier, The Great Danton, talks about taking his bow beneath the stage each night after performing his greatest illusion. Meanwhile, his lookalike (or, his Prestige) basks in the standing ovation that Angier, himself, so desperately craves. Am I trying to say that I am an attention-hungry and devilishly handsome magician who will someday take up the hobby of drowning my own clones? I am not. That would be weird if I was. I'm just trying to explain how my passions and my talents in life lead me to a make-it-up-as-you-go-along career where I get to put my time and energy into work that is seen by hundreds (sometimes thousands) of people who will never even know I was there. If that sounds like a complaint that's only because you can't hear my mysterious inflection or see me wiggling my fingers at the screen like curls of smoke before I disappear. I'm sure it's nice up there on the stage, but it's always more fun behind the scenes.


I am a graphic designer by trade, as well as a skilled content creator and social media marketing manager. I do some freelance stuff, and I've made some pretty cool things, but most of my training came from working for myself. I love branding. I love logos. I love the promotional arts, which started catching my eye long before I knew what I was looking at. The concept of social media fascinated me from the very start, even counting the years I avoided MySpace like the plague (proud to say I never had a MySpace page, though why that fills me with pride is beyond me). The practice of reaching the widest possible audience is exhilarating, and when it is done well it is a creative endeavor just like any other. Social media has it's dark side, but at its core, whats better than liking things and being excited enough about them to want to share it with everyone you know.


"Broadcasting from Grand Rapids, Michigan."

From the top of the house, The Rushouse Radio broadcasts fully produced episodic podcasts, such as The Rushouse Radio Hour (2015) and Pod Rapids (2017), as well as other audio and musical endeavors. Original music for network is produced by my best friend from high school, the amazing Eric Raczkowski. Along with myself, Josh Orgeck, Ian Sarnicola, and Colin Tyrrell round off The Rushouse Radio team.

We are always looking for more shows, creators, guests, and ideas, so don't hesitate to drop us a line.


"My name is Kenny and I live at The Rushouse."

I've tried to make The Rushouse many things since it's inception. (Insert list here), to name a few. But it wasn't until years later that I realized it's just a great place to make things. With that in mind, all of a sudden I had this freedom that wasn't there before, to just say, screw it and do everything. So now I'm a graphic designer. And a podcaster. And a videographer. And a marketing manager, comic book writer, event coordinator, studio night host, proud papa of two cats and a dog. And, above all, an artist. I love making things and I want to do it for the rest of my life.

If you are interested in working together, feel free to have a look at my résumé. Also, here's a video.